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Here is another excerpt from Lady Catherine Impedes.  Enjoy! 😀

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Darcy and Elizabeth watched her leave the room.

“I was certain she would carry on for much longer than she did.” Elizabeth was relieved to have reached the end of the confrontation.

Darcy shook his head, his eyes narrowed as he stared into the open doorway. “That was entirely too easy. My aunt never gives up that quickly.”

“You think she plans to make another attempt?”

“I believe she has a plan of some kind. Come, my love, sit with me while I write a letter. I shall ask my uncle to visit and question Lady Catherine himself.”

“Will you be able to keep her here? How long will the trip take?”

Darcy replied as he helped her sit. “He is in London at present, so he should arrive late tomorrow morning, if he leaves early enough.”

“You believe he will drop everything to come to Netherfield?”

Darcy nodded, sitting down himself at the small table nearby. “I do. He has done it before, when Lady Catherine has behaved abominably. She likes to be of use to those around her, but she is often so forceful in sharing her opinions and making her offers, that she offends. My uncle is an earl and a high-ranking member of the House of Lords. He is particular about his reputation, and that of the family. His sister has frequently offended the wives of the other Lords and he has been forced to censure her and placate them, in order to ensure he has their votes for legislation he has proposed.”

Elizabeth contemplated her husband’s explanation as she watched him lay out a quill, ink, and paper and being his letter. Accepting that he knew best in this situation, she took a deep breath and stood. “I should ask Mrs. Nichols to prepare another room, then.”

“Make it three, Sweetheart. I am also requesting the presence of my cousins, Viscount Tanley and Colonel Fitzwilliam. I am uncertain if either or both will come, but it is better to be prepared, I think.”

“Indeed, it is.” Smiling, Elizabeth stepped toward him, leaning over to give him a soft, warm, lingering kiss. “Thank you for letting me know. I will ring the bell and begin making arrangements.”

Longbourn, Two days later…

Mr. Collins had spent most of his time since receiving Miss de Bourgh’s letter in contemplation of the methods he might be able to employ to remove Cousin Elizabeth from Mr. Darcy’s life. Finally deciding on a course of action, and realizing that he had absented himself from society for too long, Collins set himself to rights, determined to get out a bit. Perhaps even visit Meryton.


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